Hidden Treasures

  • Are you Ready for Adventure?

    1 Aug 2019 by

    Welcome and thank you for stopping by! We are so excited to start this adventure and to share it with all of you! Our names are Lindsey and Russ, and we are the adventures behind Dreamers on the Go and Wingz Across America – Dreamers and Wingz for short. Our goal is to live our… Read more

  • Honeymoonin’ in Paradise ~ Negril, Jamaica

    11 Jun 2022 by

    We left early on a Monday morning for our 10 day honeymoon in paradise. Matching Honeymoonin’ t-shirts were definitely a plus as we settled into our seats on the plane and our very friendly stewardess with United treated us to free champagne to celebrate. We had made it and she was next to walk down… Read more

  • We’re Married!

    4 Jun 2022 by

    The events leading up to our wedding day – the best day yet! – were full of love and laughter. From my bridal shower in November to our joint bach party in Ocean City, Maryland in December all the way to our magical wedding weekend in February, everything was perfect. We started planning right after… Read more

  • Dirty 30 in Vegas Part 2 ~ Adventure Awaits

    21 May 2022 by

    Our first several days in Vegas were pretty chill. At least compared to the next three days. Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? If not, we highly recommend it. The Grand Canyon very literally took our breaths away and made us truly realize how small we really are in this world. But, once again,… Read more

  • Euro Bistro

    3 Jul 2021 by

    Craving some German food and a nice home cooked meal kind of a setting? Then Euro Bistro is the perfect spot for date night! Deciding on having an impromptu date night at one of the top rated local German restaurants was definitely one of our better date night decisions in the past several months. We… Read more

  • Penn’s Cave ~ Adventure Time

    26 Jun 2021 by

    Who doesn’t love those impromptu adventures where you don’t really have that much of a plan and just sort of go? We definitely do! Russ was planning to head to Hershey, PA tot pickup a server he found for sale on Facebook Marketplace and wanted me to go with, so I packed up my work… Read more

  • Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas

    19 Jun 2021 by

    Trying to think of the perfect meal to cook your dad for Father’s Day? Then maybe you should try what we made our mom’s for Mother’s Day this year! :p We made some pretty delicious slow cooker pork carnitas that lasted us for several weeks after the main event! It was simple and easy to… Read more

  • Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes!

    12 Jun 2021 by

    With my college best friend and Matron of Honor coming over to celebrate “all the things,” including her birthday, I had to make her cupcakes! As a half joke she sent the idea of a strawberry shortcake cake. Always being up for a challenge, I decided I was going to make the requested cake but… Read more

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