Our Story

Hi everyone and thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Lindsey and the goofy one with the adorable smile is Russ. We love to travel and eat our way through our vacations, with Russ’s favorite stops always involving wings. Whoever said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach was 150% right! A guaranteed way to make Russ’s day, is by giving him a plate piled sky high with wings. His favorite? Nice and spicy. 

Our Beginning

Russ and I grew up spending our summers together on our family’s boats and getting into trouble. But, considering who our parents were and the kind of mischief they got into, who can blame us? Our fathers met when we were babies, and soon became good friends, blending our families together forever. Some of my favorite memories from my summers growing up, are the ones involving my adorably dweeby best friend.

It’s funny how one seemingly insignificant event can change the course of your entire future. Shortly before Russ’s 24th birthday in August of 2015, we decided to go to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. to catch up and just spend some time together without our families. That simple day surrounded by elephants and orangutans is what would lead us to a lifetime of adventures together.

A Joint Love for Adventure 

Our love for travel stems from our love of adventure. Even though we have slightly different ideas of adventure sometimes. Me? I’m an adrenalin junkie and love all things that gets my blood pumping a little faster. Skydiving? Definitely on my bucket list! But Russ and I have agreed that we will likely wind up at one of those indoor skydiving places before we are ever staring imminent death in the face from the edge of a “perfectly good plane”. 

As for Russ, his idea of adventure is a little tamer and has been since we were kids. But, by being tame, I don’t mean boring. I just mean, my sense of adventure minus the certain death part. With our joint love of travel and new experiences, we are always seeking our next big adventure.

Two Chefs, One Heart

We are that couple that loves to cook and host family gatherings. The problem? Our kitchen is NEVER big enough with both of us whizzing around, but luckily we have our kitchen dance down pretty well. Our vacations are largely centered around where and what we are going to eat. And one of those must haves on all vacations? Wings.

Growing up, chicken wings were a large part of both of our summers spent on our parents’ boats. I was never anywhere near as into them as he was – a lot of this I blame on the fact that I was the only one on any of the boats who wasn’t a fan of spicy things, so my dad would have to make me special un-sauced ones for me. (Don’t worry, Russ made sure to alter my taste buds in favor of all things hot and spicy once we started dating.) 

An Idea Becomes a Reality

The idea for Wingz Across Americacame to life within the first three or four months of our relationship morphing from childhood friends to lifelong best friends. One day we were watching Man Vs. Food (one of the many food and cooking shows we love to binge) on Netflix while spending a relaxing day at home and got to talking about how fun it would be to do something like that.

Russ mentioned how our parents used to go around saying that they were reviewing wings when they’d go to local wing joints to get a wider selection of the flavors and styles offered. After laughing at one of the many ridiculous things our parents did, we decided we wanted to combine my love of writing, with his love of wings, and our joint love of travel and food together to create Wingz Across Americaand Dreamers on the Go

Fast forward four years and it has morphed into not just a food blog, but a travel blog as well to finally take on a life outside of our minds. And thus, Dreamers and Wingzwas born!

Much love and happy travels,

Lindsey and Russ

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