Euro Bistro

Craving some German food and a nice home cooked meal kind of a setting? Then Euro Bistro is the perfect spot for date night! Deciding on having an impromptu date night at one of the top rated local German restaurants was definitely one of our better date night decisions in the past several months. We have been talking about grabbing dinner here for months, so we were very happy to finally make it a reality – and our tastebuds were definitely not complaining!

Something I came to realize one Thanksgiving when my aunt brought a whole case of wines from various regions and countries, including one or two from Austria, is that I like Austrian wine. This was made even more apparent during dinner when I ordered multiple glasses of different types of wine. You immediately feel at home when you walk into the rather small, in comparison to other “chain” restaurants in the area, restaurant and find yourself a seat amongst the boisterous atmosphere of happy diners. The restaurant had a mix of Austrian-German with a hint of Asian decorations and feel. Though we have yet to make it across the pond to Europe, it felt as if we had stepped right across the ocean and into Germany.

To start, Russ got a beer and I got an iced Thai tea and a glass the mulled wine, which I knew off the bat I’d love since I’m a huge fan of all mulled wines. We placed an order for calamari to start while we browsed the menu. The calamari was extraordinary and we could tell it was homemade along with the smoked tomato and basil sauce. Having seen the goulash on the menu and having never had any other than my family’s recipe, I grabbed a piping hot bowl of that as well. Though I still love my family’s recipe the best, the goulash was very good and satisfying. Savoring my mulled wine, we browsed the menu until finally deciding on our main courses. Being a sausage lover, Russ got the Bauern Schmaus and I got the beef tenderloin (which had a different name on their in-restaurant menu, but for some reason I cannot get it to load right now), both with potato pancakes as our side. Along with our dinner order, I also placed an order for a glass of Bauer Zweigelt – an Austrian wine that was quite good.

Our food came and we were pleasantly surprised by the elegant presentation and huge servings of the potato pancakes. Not being the biggest fan of sausage in general, I was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful and tender Russ’s plate was. My dinner, however, was definitely where it was at. The four steak medallions were incredibly tender and perfectly cooked, doused in a delicious XXX sauce and topped with some sautéed sliced onions. The meat melted in my mouth with every bite (my mouth is watering just thinking about it). Neither of us could finish our meals, so we were quite pleased to be bringing enough home for lunch the next day. Not being able to resist trying dessert at a new restaurant, we each ordered something sweet to end the evening with. I tried the warm cherry strudel and Russ got the chocolate mousse cake. My strudel was very good, but Russ’s dessert was the dessert to beat for the evening.

Warm Cherry Strudel and Vanilla Ice Cream

We definitely can’t wait to go back to Euro Bistro to try even more of what we are sure will be absolutely delicious dishes from the menu! Have you been or are you now that you’ve read our blog? Let us know what you got and how you liked it in the comments below!

Happy travels!


Chocolate Mousse Cake

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