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Our sponsors help us keep the adventure alive, and we couldn’t be more grateful to each and every one of them! Sponsors provide us with the means and support necessary to help us achieve our goal and travel as much as possible while tasting every delicious foodie goodness there is along the way. Our wonderful sponsors help us find all of those uniquely amazing hole-in-the-wall locations that offer every dreamer with an adventurous spirit (like you!) the opportunity to live like a true local and discover some hidden gems all across the world. They also help us to discover where the best food and wing joints are in every place we travel to, helping make Wingz Across America a reality. So, please help us in saying a ginormous THANK YOU to each of our amazingly fabulous sponsors!

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Bewitched Photography

Meet Samantha Marie, Owner & Founder of Bewitched Photography!

Founded in 2019 after years of freelancing and planning, Bewitched Photography takes an authentic approach to every shoot, event, and person.

Located in Northern Virginia, United States of America.

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