Are you Ready for Adventure?

Welcome and thank you for stopping by!

We are so excited to start this adventure and to share it with all of you! Our names are Lindsey and Russ, and we are the adventures behind Dreamers on the Go and Wingz Across America – Dreamers and Wingz for short. Our goal is to live our lives together to the fullest and have every adventure life allows us while eating our way through the United States and the world (while hopefully not gaining a million pounds in the process)!

Our mission: to have every adventure life offers us while eating our way across the globe by finding the hole-in-the wall places that only true locals know exist and help other adventurers find them and experience the magic and delicious food offered across the world, while finding the best wing joints in every place we travel.

After growing up together, our sense of adventure and love of food is closely linked to one another, and we have some of our most fun on the many adventures we take together. Dreamers and Wingz came to life in early 2016 while we chilled at home watching Man Vs. Food on Netflix one cold winter day. Three and a half years later, and finally it is taking it’s first steps into adventure.

We are so excited to have all of you along for this crazy and wild ride as we embark on adventures and eat our way across the world!

Happy travels,

Lindsey and Russ


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