Russ’s Dirty 30 in Las Vegas, NV ~ Days One, Two, and Three

Well guys, we may be a bit late posting this series, but we’ve been a bit busy GETTING MARRIED! Keep an eye out for our blog all about our big day after our Dirty 30 in Vegas series is over.

Now, on to the adventure that was Russ’s Dirty 30 in Vegas! The biggest difference between this time in Vegas and our first trip – we didn’t just stay on the strip and it was more than double the length! Buckle up for this three part series dedicated to our 10-day long adventure spanning from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon and Bryce National Park!

Day One

Our first day in Vegas started off in what has become our traditional way when we visit the strip – at Pampas! Before taking off to Vegas, we hopped on over to Groupon and got some deals for Pampas, and several of our other adventures from our trip (don’t worry, you’ll get to hear all about the adventures in time). We spent an extended lunch enjoying all Pampas has to offer before heading back to our room at the Hilton Elara and settling in.

Our room was EPIC to say the least. We had a great view of the Planet Hollywood and the Vegas Eiffel Tower from our living room. We even had a full kitchen off our spacious living room with a projector, that made movie nights pretty fun. The couch had a pull out bed – which would later be useful when Russ’s best friend flew out as a surprise for the last half of our trip, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Our room had a soaking tub in the room itself, separate from the bathroom (that also had a washer/dryer in it).

Eventually we were ready for dinner and set out for our next first-day-in-Vegas tradition – walking to White Castle and grabbing some burgers for dinner. Despite being hot, the air was dry rather than humid and sticky like it is back home. Our walk to and from White Castle took maybe 15 minutes each way and was pleasant despite the heat.

Day Two

Our next day we spent walking the Miracle Mall and the strip, getting reacquainted with all Vegas has to offer. For lunch, we stopped at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Burger. Let me tell you, Gordon Ramsay has never let me down. That burger was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I got the Ultimate Cheeseburger, layered with aged provolone, dubliner, and Boursin cheese – some of my favorite cheeses and such a unique and mouthwatering combination. Lactose-intolerant or not, I couldn’t pass up the delicious English toffee shake for desert. Your digestive system may not thank you, but your tastebuds certainly will.

Our second day in Vegas wasn’t over yet! We walked off our large meal by walking down the strip at sunset toward 5 Star Helicopter Tours for our night tour of the strip by helicopter (also a Groupon purchase). We were lucky and got to ride up front with the pilot and it was one of the coolest experiences. We were exhausted by the time we walked all the way back to our hotel, but the first two days in Vegas definitely didn’t disappoint.

Day Three

Still exhausted from our crazy adventures from Day Two, we had a relaxing day at the pool before grabbing dinner from Ocean One located a short walk from our hotel’s entrance in the Miracle Mile Shops. While walking around the mall, we noticed how popular Ocean One was and decided to check it out for dinner and we absolutely don’t regret it. The food and drinks were great and budget friendly, as well.

We started our meal off by sharing a plate of calamari. Both being lovers of calamari, we enjoyed every bite while drinking our cocktails – always 3 for 1 at $10. For our actual meal, we both got steaks. Russ got the Filet Mignon and I got the Classic Surf & Turf. We left stuffed, tipsy, and satisfied. What more can you want while in Vegas? Not wanting to end our evening yet, we wandered through the Miracle Mile and grabbed some HUGE margaritas from Cabo Wabo before exploring the casino. The margaritas come in several flavors and we chose to get flavor combinations. They were cool and refreshing and, yes, we did get a total of four and brought the souvenir cups home. Will we use them? Maybe.

Tune in next Saturday to see how the next three days of our Vegas adventure as we explore the Hoover Dam, and Grand Canyon, see the Mentalist perform, and have one of the most incredible dinning experiences we’ve had to date.

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