Happy Thanksgiving Dreamers!

Who else can’t believe that it’s already Thanksgiving? It feels like just yesterday we were in Orlando sweating like crazy as we explored Harry Potter World (finally)! Our last big vacation adventure for 2019 ended with us exploring Salem, MA on Halloween night – something I (Lindsey) have wanted to do since I was probably 13 – and enjoying the rugged beauty of Vermont for our four-year dating anniversary! I still can’t believe it has already been four years since our lifelong friendship evolved into something so much more. Now, it’s time for a turkey coma and binge-watching Christmas movies! 

            The holidays are a time to reflect on the past year and everything you’re grateful for, such as your amazing family and friends and all the little things that happened to bring joy during the year, and to really enjoy some quality time with the people who matter the most to you. With how busy and crazy life gets when you hit the real world of Adulting, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the times of year when we see our family. I’m not saying we don’t see a majority of our close family throughout the year, but we don’t see them all together usually except around the holidays. 

            With Russ and I having a shared love of cooking and hosting, Thanksgiving is a perfect time to have some fun in the kitchen and host an amazing meal for our family. We enjoy the time together and creating something that is delicious and unique, that leaves our family asking for seconds before the turkey comma hits. For us, our doors are always open and our table will always magically fit one more chair for anyone who doesn’t have a place to go on Thanksgiving, because that is the true meaning of Thanksgiving – being thankfulfor the people in your life and coming together. 

            Since most families celebrate together for Thanksgiving, you sometimes aren’t able to get together with your friends (many of whom are chosen extensions to your family) and share how grateful you are for each other, and as the holidays kick into full swing, it can be even harder to make time to see your friends until all of the craziness dies down. That’s why it can be a great thing to host a Friendsgiving for all of your friends several weeks before Thanksgiving. If someone in your group doesn’t host the day of Thanksgiving, maybe they can be the hosts of your Friendsgiving so that they can experience the exhilarating, and often stressful, fun of hosting and creating main dishes that leave guests begging for more – it can be an art getting the turkey seasoned and cooked just right and doing so successfully can be very gratifying. 

            A few weeks ago, Russ and I were invited to our friend’s Friendsgiving. Unfortunately, Russ had to work last minute and so I had to go stag, but it was so great to see some of my friends from high school whom I haven’t seen since. I also made some new friends. It was relaxing and a much needed break from the daily stress of Adulting. Before leaving, we started talking about how fun it would be if several of us took it upon ourselves to host “Friends-fill in the blank” parties for holidays so that we can all get together, make delicious food, and just have fun and let some stress roll off our shoulders. As a result, Russ and I are hosting our first annual Friendsmas (better known as a Christmas party)! So, now we are busily planning that on top of our Thanksgiving plans!

            How it works? The hosts typically supply the main dish and maybe some sides and guests bring additional sides in potluck fashion. Other than that, you can decorate and have a theme or just have a it be more causal and laid back. The choice is yours! Protip: have some sort of a game to do after dinner that gets everyone involved! We played Jackbox Party Pack – Trivia Murder Mystery.

Keep a lookout for our Vegas blog coming soon followed by our magical adventure in Vermont!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and happy party planning! 

Lindsey and Russ

Looking for something fun to add to your Thanksgiving menu? Check out this simple and easy recipe for Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots by McCormick that we found on Pinterest a few years ago and added to our Thanksgiving (and Christmas) menu in 2016 when we hosted Thanksgiving together for the first time! Protip: If you plan to have dinner served at 3:00pm, have the carrots in the crockpot at 11:00am.


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