Ford’s Fish Shack

When asking my college best friend to be my Matron of Honor, I invited her over to celebrate “all the things” was we put it since it had been a while since we saw each other and her birthday had just passed. So, I made her some strawberry shortcake cupcakes (check back next week for that blog and learn how to make them yourself!) and we grabbed lunch at Ford’s Fish Shack since I had been craving lobster rolls. I was not disappointed, and neither was Caroline with her tacos.

Being the lobster roll addict that I am, I ordered the foot long. It was DELICIOUS down to the roll itself, which was seasoned and had a yummy herb and butter flavor all of its own. The lobster was cooked perfectly and all in all I was incredibly satisfied. The corn on the cob was nothing special, so I didn’t to wind up finishing it. I’m told that Caroline’s shrimp tacos were delicious as well. A group of guys who walked by our table wound up getting the lobster roll as well after seeing mine. I do warn, don’t get the foot long lobster roll if you’re trying to maintain an element of decorum since it is pretty messy, but oh so worth it!

For dessert, we split a warm blueberry pie with a side of cinnamon ice cream. It was so good and satisfying! We both definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself at Ford’s Fish Shack and craving some dessert.

Ready for some spring baking? Check back next week for my blog on the super sweet strawberry shortcake cupcakes I made for Caroline for her birthday!

Happy travels!

L & R


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