Engagement Shoot with Bewitched Photography!

To kick off our we’re getting married! celebrations, we scheduled a photoshoot with one of my close friends, Samantha, owner and photographer at Bewitched Photography. This was also a convenient way for me to ask her to be my Maid of Honor! 😉 It was a cold, windy, snowy, and very icy day in late February when we made our way early on a Saturday morning to the small town of Waterford, Virginia in Loudoun County to take our first round of engagement pictures. Bundled in parkers, we ventured out of the warmth of the car and into the icy snow to being shooting.

It even began to snow lightly at one point! I was absolutely freezing in my lightweight, flowery dress, but boy was it worth it when we got the pictures back! The wind didn’t help, but we had so much fun really starting to realize that OMG WE’RE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED! Sam was great to work with and made is loosen up so that we truly enjoyed ourselves and got our of our heads while taking pictures and freezing our butts off. We twirled over the icy snow, skidded down icy hills, and got beat up by some pretty intense wind to get the perfect shot.

Within a few weeks, Sam had sent us our photos and we could not be happier with our beautiful first round of engagement pictures! Since Sam is in our wedding, we have hired another photographer for our wedding day and after Sam’s session having gotten us relaxed and ready, we can’t wait for our fall shoot with Caity!

Food was heavily involved in the asking of the rest of my bridal party, including my Matron of Honor. Check back for my next blogs on Ford’s Fish Shack where I went to lunch after asking my Matron of Honor to help celebrate my wedding with me and the strawberry shortcake cupcakes I made for her birthday!

Happy travels,

L & R ~ The Future Mr. and Mrs. Abell! 😀


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