28 and Feeling Great!

December is always one of my favorite months of the year – between Christmas, the added time with family, all of the Christmas decorations and lights everywhere, Christmas movies and music, snow, and my birthday, it’s a pretty great time of the year (in my opinion of course :p). With this year being a bit funky for obvious reasons, it meant I got to spend more time with my immediate family in my household and prolong the Christmas season – I was more than happy with this!

This year, my birthday celebrations were split into four – five if you include one of my gifts – different “events!” The first was the Friday before my birthday with Russ’s mom making me a delicious dinner of scallops and steak, two of my all time favorites! My actual birthday, December 16th, it SNOWED! I was thrilled to say the least, especially since it was Rose’s first time in the snow. Her sheer joy at her snowy escapades made my entire day so much better. That evening my mom, Russ, and I enjoyed a home cooked meal of scallops followed by my absolute favorite – ice cream cake (sorry tummy for eating a non-lactose free dessert, but it’s my favorite so who can blame me right? :p)!

My birthday continued into the next day when Russ took me out to dinner. The location was quite literally a surprise up until we walked through the doors. We wound up going to The Melting Pot – a place Russ has been talking about taking me to for years since the last time either of us went was when we were kids (and quite likely at the same time for his oldest brother’s birthday). It was delicious and so much fun! To top off a wonderful evening out, my gift was tickets to iFly!!! (Stay tuned for our iFly adventures next month!) I have been wanting to go since they opened near our house a few years ago. For those of you not in the know, it’s an indoor sky diving experience – and probably the only way I’m getting Russ to go sky diving with me.

The celebration continues in a few weeks when my mom will take us to dinner sometime after Christmas. To say I’m feeling spoiled is an understatement! Though I’m officially reaching that age of not loving my birthday because I’m turning another year older, I still love how special my family makes me feel and having another excuse to celebrate. So, despite how funky 2020 has been I am officially 28 and I’m feeling pretty great!

What are some of the things that have been great that has happened to you during 2020? Let us know in the comments below! Looking for another fun recipe to cook up? Let us know and we’ll recreate it and walk you through how to make it in your own kitchen!

Until next time, stay grateful!

❤ Lindsey


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